Tie-down Toy Hauler Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Rack Systems

Two Sport Bike System

Two Sport Bike System

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Details:Included in this package:
1x Beast Rack System with J-Hooks for securing to trailer D-Rings.
2x Sport Bike Chocks CK-200

NOTE: The extended sport bike chock pictured is not included with this system but may be purchased separately and added to the rack.

This system comes pre-configured to securely fasten two sport type motorcycles to your Beast Racks system. Make sure to select a crossbar length that is appropriate for your vehicle, take measurements!

Please choose a crossbar length below before adding the rack to your cart.

Things to consider when selecting the correct crossbar length:
  • + What is the distance between my inside walls?
  • + Do I have wheel wells? If so they must be below 10". From the floor to the bottom of the crossbar is 10". If your wheel wells are over 10" then measure between your wheel wells and select the correct crossbar length.