Single Harley Rack
Single Harley Rack

Price: $330.00

Date Added: 11/20/2012 by Randy Zingg
Hi Richard,
Sorry I have not kept up with the emails. I had some medical problems but after the surgery I am almost back to normal which the wife says is hard to believe because I was not normal to start with. Anyway with feeling better and going to retire in a few months I bought a new Toy Hauler for the Harley.
It is a little a bigger and the crossbar you custom made for me for the other toy hauler is too small in length. I can use the standard 77 inch length now. My hold downs are 67 inches apart but there is enough room to use the 77" bar. I couldn't find a way to just order the cross bar on the web site so I thought I would send you an email.
I got to tell you I did get in some long trips with this rack system. Not sure If I told you but we went to Yellowstone two years ago and after the first 1000 miles and the bike never moving it was almost worry free. We put on over 3000 miles that year. The next year we loaded up and took it to the east coast from Phoenix. We attended my Granddaughters wedding in Fall River MA and the followed the eastern seaboard down to South Carolina and turned west. Road the Harley on the Dragon Tail, the Skyline, Shenandoah ridge road, Smokey Mountain National Park and a bunch more roads that didn't have a mile where the road was straight. We were on the road almost two months and over 7500 miles we didn't even hardly think about the bike once it was snug and secure in the rack.
One guy in Tennessee saw me unload my bike and came over and asked if he could see how I had tied down my ride. He was really impressed that I didn't have to drill any holes and we had come such a long way. To make a long story short he had a trailer with two Harleys side my side, his and his wife's. His chock had broke a piece of the floor out where he had bolted it and laid down against hers. They were not happy. I told him that floor thickness and bolt patterns are not much factors with the Bolt-It-On system because the factory installed hold downs are the key.
I do need to order the 77" crossbar as soon as I can because we are planning a short trip later in July and would really like to take the bike. Let me know what I need to do to order just the 77" crossbar.

Randy Zingg